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Once we establish your online marketing goals, our team of social media experts will craft a unique and personal social media marketing strategy with clear deliverable outcomes and measurable key performance indicators.

Creative Designers

Social media is all about that wow factor. Our team of creative artists and designers will make your posts look impressive as ever.

Market Strategy

Our marketing strategy team has over 25 years of combined social media experience

Business Engagement

We help get your product or service to the eyes and ears of the people who matter most. 

Graphic Design

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? That’s why we have a team of top notch creative designers for any visual needs you might encounter! From images to animated GIFs, we have your bases covered in order to impress your customers.

Graphic design is more then just a logo and the appearance of your company and website. It provides so many more benefits to your business. People often underestimate the significance of designing an effective display and presence on websites and social networks. Philip & Henry Media can provide relevant designs for your business to boost your company’s marketing and messaging by using powerful visual communication to inform, entice and educate your target audience

Content Boosting

Boosting posts is an essential strategy to promoting your product or service. Our social media experts are equipped with the knowledge in effective target marketing to provide a boost to any specific post in reaching the exact target audience your company needs to cater to. The correct boosting techniques involve understanding what your post is providing and who you intend on reaching out to. This is a tool to attain guaranteed visibility and increasing engagement. Some aspects of effective boosting include:

– Analysing your posts from most effective to least

– Optimise Targeting

– Boosting at the best time of day

– Using a blog

– Posting on weekends


Our team will monitor your platform regularly. We continue to access and analyse the feedback from existing followers and newcomers to provide consistent analysis on how we can continue to maintain and improve content curation and quality of posts. Monitoring consistently ensures that we are keeping track of the changes, trends and external factors that affect the market demands of any product or service. Continuing to observe the market, gathering information regularly will allow your company to be on top of the latest activities that are progressing throughout the social networks.

Content Curation

Discover new content to post. Create search streams by hashtag, location, or keyword to find compelling and curated content that you can share on the fly.

As social media marketing experts, we are responsible for producing content at an extremely increasing rate. This aspect of marketing is proven to assist in generating leads, increasing traffic and will establish your thoughts among other benefits. Most companies lack the time and staff to publish original content to maintain relevancy. We can collect consistent findings and organise the most up to date highest quality content on any specific topic for target markets. These are some of the following benefits that we can provide:

– Incorporate Outside Voices

– Build Brand Awareness

– Establishing Credibility

– Support Lead Generation

– Improve SEO

– Boost Social Media & Blogging

Social Media Analytics

Get an overview of your key social media metrics. See a clear, concise snapshot of your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter activity to track trends and measure growth. No setup required. Our team of social media analysts will keep a close watch and monitor all your social media analytics. You can easily request a report from us anytime you like.

Timed Social Media Posts

Automatically schedule posts. Keep your social presence active 24/7 by automatically scheduling posts to fill the gaps in your scheduled content.

Timing is everything. Our team is trained to post the appropriate content at the right time. When you aren’t scheduling posts, no one exactly knows your content plan except you. Our team is well-organized and can greatly help your content consistency, both in terms of frequency and quality. We fill out a content calendar with scheduled posts and get feedback from your team on what’s likely to maximize your ROI. We schedule your posts in advance and you get to see where things start, where they end, and how you get there. Benefits of Timing Social Media Posts Include:

- Consistency

- Team Collaboration

- Saving Time

- Posting Effective Content at the right time

- Effective Planning

- Competitive Awareness

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